@ladygaga: Day off, getting that moonglow

@ladygaga: Saying goodbye to my little girl miss her already

@ladygaga: Off to Tokyo I fed her like 1000 treats and sang her songs

@ladygaga: I Wont Dance, Don’t ask Me

@ladygagaMy Heart Won’t Let My Feet Do a Things They Should Do

August 12th, 2014: Arriving at Narita International Airport in Tokyo, Japan

@ladygagaTokyo, my favorite place. Aphrodite took a hit of love and went to a disco in the future. ARTPOP is a big success in Japan, and I’m so happy to be here with them to celebrate. Luckiest girl in the world #artRAVETokyo

@ladygaga: Nightlife Tokyo Bitches

@ladygaga: Me and my sister shabu shabu

August 12th, 2014: Leaving a restaurant in Tokyo, Japan

@ladygaga: I love riding around Tokyo

@ladygaga: A Japanese monster gave me a stuffy Asia I’m bringing her everywhere I love my fans. #DONKIHOTEqueen

@ladygaga: ARTPOP forever

@ladygagaTheir whole store is like an artpiece and they made it look so special for me.

@ladygagaWith my friends in Harajuku. #IFUCKDOG

@ladygaga: I left with amazing clothes and a portrait of me as a gift. Such a beautiful place. My people. Just me and my canvas midnight in Harajuku.

@ladygaga: Night night beautiful Tokyo

@ladygaga: After one whole quart of brandy, like a daisy im awake #artravetokyo SHOW 2 Stadium Style

@ladygagaShowtime Tokyo. Rocket #9 take off to the planet #Venus

August 13th, 2014: Arriving at the ELE TOKYO club in Tokyo, Japan